Based on the ideology of ‘Easy learning, Fun development’, Imiki was established in 2008 as an educational group focusing on well-rounded education. Headquartered in Penang, Imiki has a chain of more than 40 kinder cares and education centres, which led to it winning the 2013 Asia Pacific Premier Award.

There are two Imiki education models, Kinder Care and Center Care. Imiki Kinder Care is suitable for children aged between three and six while Imiki Center Care is for children from seven to 12 years old.

Morale Teaching is about developing personalities based on the philosophy of ‘the pure, the good and the beautiful’. Besides fostering virtues in a child, the system also educates children to respect the lives around them. At the same time, the system also equips children with proper life skills, habits and attitudes to eliminate negative habits and learn to be confident and self-disciplined. In the exciting Fun Teaching, teachers will lead children in expressing their imagination and creative abilities. Aside from enhancing children’s imaginations and intuitions, the system also helps children to develop the courage and ability to express themselves, which helps them learn to be themselves in a new environment. The teaching method not only enhances children’s social skills, it also improves children’s self-knowledge and helps them to engage with others harmoniously. In Theme Teaching, children are trained to do thematic observations via the five senses to improve their observational skills.

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